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Window Tint


We have over 25+ years experience tinting windows for automotive glass.

Here are a few things that separate us from the competition.

    1. Proper and professional training

Everyone has been sent to proper professional training classes for this trade. All of our installers have had a minimum of 300 tinting hours practicing before tinting any clients' windows.

    2. We do not remove door panels

There is no need. We have the experience to tuck the film into or behind your window gaskets without doing this or running the risk of breaking pop pins from door panel removal.  We have not removed panels in years.

    3. We do not use window tint patterns that are pre-cut

Everything is cut by hand for the glass of your vehicle. If a pre-cut pattern for your specific make and model of vehicle is used, further hand-cutting is the only way to provide complete, crisp, and accurate edges. This is due to the fact that each of these vehicles will have a slightly different shaped glass, thus causing the pre-cut pattern to fit differently between the two. 

    4. No light gap at the top of your glass

Our edges are next to invisible when rolling down your side windows.  There is very minimal, if any, light gap at all.

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