​Care and Maintenance

To keep your film looking great, follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your car

  • Remove insects or other stains as soon as possible with XPEL Film Cleaner.

  • Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint.

  • Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area.

  • Wipe down or dry with a clean and dust-free soft microfiber drying towel.

  • Use a soft detailing cloth to softly remove any wax build-up around the edges.​

  • Waxing the film is safe and suggessted. Be sure the product you are using doesn’t contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations over 5%. Also avoid waxes that contain dyes or petroleum distillates.

  • Do not use any clay products to clean the surface of your film. If the clay catches a certain way and lifts the film.

  • Do not use a high-speed power buffer or polishing equipment, as you can burn the film by doing this.

  • Do not use a high-pressure washer. There is no guarantee that the film will not lift if you catch the film's edge when doing this.

  • Do not pick the film's edges. Once the material is lifted, it will not lay back down properly without damage.

  • Avoid using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source near the edges of the film, it can cause the film to lift and/or become damaged. This is not warrantied.

  • Stay away from automotive cleaning or waxing products that contain "Petroleum Distillates".  Petroleuym distillates will break down polyurethane products over time, including the films top coat. This will expose the films pours causing them to fill up with contaminates which in turn will limit the longevity of the clearbra and could cause the film to have a discoloration or yellowing effect.​