Read about our detailing services
Read about our detailing servicesRead about our detailing servicesRead about our detailing services
Read about our detailing services
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If you a€™re looking for very high quality professional clear bra installation, window tinting, or detail, along with personal service, you've come to the right place.

Since 2005 Prestige Auto Armor has been providing professional clear bra paint protection film installations for all major car brands.
We also have 25+ years in the trade of tinting windows.
Our experience and attention to detail when installing clearbra or window tint is hands down the best you will find in the area. We are well known for our installs on some of the finest vehicles in and around the greater Pittsburgh, Pa area, as well as other parts of the nation.

Detailing is also one of our strong suites.  Exterior, Interior, Engine Bay, Wheels, Tires, Paint Correction (Polish), Wax and or Sealant.  We can do it all.
When car buyers purchase that new dream car, little do some folks know that there is a product available that can preserve the new car look and feel as long as possible; at least on the outside. Paint protection film, or Clear Bra, is a clear protective film that will take the abuse and absorb impacts from stones and other road debris, and contributes greatly in preserving that showroom new appearance throughout your years of ownership.
Your car is one of your most valuable assets. By adding Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, you are 'protecting your investment' and also ensuring a higher resale value when it comes time to trade or sell your vehicle.
Having your new or used car covered in paint protection will maintain the finish, beauty, and value of your car by keeping all vulnerable exterior surfaces protected from the harsh road elements such as your hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, rocker panels, A-Pillars, roof, headlights and more. The rugged film protects your vehicles painted surface from Paint Chips caused by rocks, bugs, rain acid, tree sap, sand, road salt, and weathering. Clear Bra Paint Protection provides a wonderful appearance, a high gloss finish, is a clear alternative to bug guards, or vinyl/leather car bras that offer poor coverage and often cause as much damage as they prevent.
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Pittsburgh's #1 Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, Window Tint Installation, and detailing Specialist
Why get Clear Bra Paint Protection Film installed?
Read about our detailing services
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Read about our detailing services