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Our passion for Tesla started from our first PPF installation in 2012. Since that day we have protected all Tesla models from the iconic signature Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3. Were consistently receiving customer's wanting our professional talents protecting their newly acquired electric vehicle!

Even with Elon Musk behind the Tesla brand, they can still be affected by rock chips, bug splatters and every day issues during ownership causing unsightly damage to the paint. Incorrect washing methods can also cause swirls and scratching.

Prestige Auto Armor delivers to the Pittsburgh Tesla community and enthusiasts the most durable and cutting-edge Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings, and Window Tint installation available. Ask about these services on your Tesla and allow us to put a protection package together for you that meets your requirements today!

XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film on Tesla
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Our Tesla PPF Packages

Bronze Package
Starting At $595
Partial Hood, Partial Front Fenders, Front Bumper, Side Mirrors
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silver Package
Starting At $1795
Full Hood, Full Front Fenders, Front Bumper, Side Mirrors
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Gold Package
Starting At $2295
Full Hood, Full Front Fenders Front Bumper, Lower Doors, Rocker Panels, APillars, Behind Rear Tires, Rear Luggage
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Platinum Package
Starting At $2295
Every Exposed Painted Surface
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Starting At $2295
Headlights, Doors, Rockers, Behind Rear Tires, APillars, Rear Luggage
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Why Teslas Owners Love Us!

Self-Healing Technology
Our clear bra films are equipped with elastomeric polymers that return to their natural shape after being scratched, delivering you a “self-healing” effect.
Custom Fitted to Your tesla
Using advanced computer software, we pre-cut all film to the exact measurement of your Tesla. Ensuring the final look of the film is virtually invisible once on your car.
The Latest Paint Protection technology
Teslas are the bleeding edge of automotive technology and we enable you to equip your Tesla with the most advanced paint protection solutions available in the world.

Go Beyond Protection with XPEL Stealth Film

Customize the look of your Tesla to a satin finish while protecting it from rock chips, scuffs, and scratches with XPEL STEALTH! Once installed, the STEALTH finish mimics the best factory matte/satin paint while offering superior self-healing protection.

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The LONGEST RUNNING Paint Protection Shop in Pittsburgh

Adam is super friendly. I stopped out to check out his shop and also had someone look at a paint flaw in my car. Adam was super cool about showing me PPF, window tint, and other items around the shop. The shop is extremely clean and loaded with nice cars. Very impressive operation.
I waited until 8 months after I had work done to evaluate how everything as held up. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. He had my car for about a week and would not rush the job. Car received a full paint correction with basic paint touch up, any minor dents were also pulled. I spoke with Adam on multiple occasions, each time close to an hour before scheduling any services.  Highly recommend Adam at Prestige Auto Armor and will use them for any future vehicles.
Nicholas Mazzone
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Adam's shop is over an hour from where we live.  There are many PPF places much closer and they all use the same XPEL material. The difference, the installer. He does an outstanding job and let's face are getting PPF and/or ceramic because you are likely OCD on your vehicle. That's me... and he easily passes my OCD meter and I trust when I pick my vehicle up (typically a week later) I will be extremely satisfied with the results. He's not cheap, but you get what you pay for.


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